Welcome to melbfmdx, FM DXing in Melbourne

Hi all, and welcome to my new blog, melbfmdx. This blog will be dedicated to reporting and discussing the long distance reception of FM radio and television by me, keepitcivil, here in Melbourne, Victoria.

I first discussed about the hobby of DXing in my blog, though to save the trouble of having to read that, I’ll give you a quick run down on it again here:

DXing is a hobby where the participant actively attempts to receive television or radio stations over long distances, many of which are not normally receivable. During the warmer months, a number of atmospheric conditions allow the reception of TV and FM radio signals over distances as far as several thousand kilometres. A DXer actively looks out for such events, commonly referred to as “openings”, and attempts to either log the stations received, record them, or both.

My current record distance for receiving FM radio is the reception of 89.2 “More FM” from Invercargill, South Island, New Zealand. That’s about 2100km from Melbourne. Not bad for an FM radio signal that probably starts fading within about 100km of the transmitter normally.

So anyway, I’ll dedicate this blog to logging and discussing receptions I have obtained, and uploading some recordings of the signals I have received. I hope you’ll find it interesting.