MS/AS signals on 96.1

After the shutdown of Melbourne community station Lion FM, I’ve already had a handful of interesting signals on our new blank frequency. Few of them I can identify clearly, but I’ll share them with you anyway

MS ping 1

A fairly clear but short MS ping, this one kinda sounds urban. My guess is “The Edge 96ONE” from Katoomba NSW, or JJJ from Lismore NSW. Can’t really be sure though.

MS ping 2

Even shorter than the first, and also affected by the fact that it had to overcome the blank signal from the local 96.1 that was still broadcasting at the time. My guesses are the same, though this pop piece means Star FM Mt Gambier may also not be out of the question.

AS signal

This one’s a little more developed as it’s not an MS ping – it sounds more likely aircraft scatter (ironic given the lack of aircraft flying in this part of the world at the moment). There are two songs, both by U2 as part of a doubleshot. At about 1:20, there’s an ID which while muffled sounds like it says “suburban doubleshot”. My guesses are Star FM Mt Gambier or perhaps even more likely, 7THE (Radio Hobart) from Tassie.

Either way, some interesting results have come in just hours after DXers got the use of this frequency back here in Melbourne.


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