Clayton Bandscan, with a twist

I’ve decided, as promised, to do a bandscan now that I’ve put the antenna up. But I’ve done it with a twist – instead of it being a tedious list of stations, I’ve recorded my dial surfing and put it to a video, captioning with which station I’m on. I figured why not let everyone hear what I can. For the record, the details are as follows. The radio is my Sony XDR-F1 HD radio, wired into the sound card on my computer. The antenna is an Academy TV 3-element FM antenna, aiming North East, erected via a fascia-mounted “hockey stick” located on the eastern side of my house in Clayton. The date was May 19 2011, the time approximately 12:20-12:30 AM (yes I know, I’m a night owl 😛 )

I’ve uploaded it to Youtube, so everyone can share the love:

Hope it’s of some interest to you. Enjoy!


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