Clayton Bandscan, with a twist

I’ve decided, as promised, to do a bandscan now that I’ve put the antenna up. But I’ve done it with a twist – instead of it being a tedious list of stations, I’ve recorded my dial surfing and put it to a video, captioning with which station I’m on. I figured why not let everyone hear what I can. For the record, the details are as follows. The radio is my Sony XDR-F1 HD radio, wired into the sound card on my computer. The antenna is an Academy TV 3-element FM antenna, aiming North East, erected via a fascia-mounted “hockey stick” located on the eastern side of my house in Clayton. The date was May 19 2011, the time approximately 12:20-12:30 AM (yes I know, I’m a night owl 😛 )

I’ve uploaded it to Youtube, so everyone can share the love:

Hope it’s of some interest to you. Enjoy!


Tropo DX on 18-19 May 2011

There’s been precious little DX around here of late, but tonight brought in a few regular suspects at some slightly enhanced levels, plus some slightly more interesting catches via tropospheric ducting. No formal log, but a few little recordings to share with you today.

99.5 3TFM “TR-FM” Traralgon VIC

This reception will make some of the seasoned DXers slightly jealous, as TR-FM is notoriously hard to receive here in Melbourne due to it’s reduced power to the west, and the presence of a very strong signal from Geelong on the 99.5 frequency. I’ll admit to being well-positioned here in Clayton in order to receive this station – I’m closer to Gippsland than much of the city, and my antenna is positioned below roof level on the east side of the house, blocking that pesky signal from Geelong out very well. Caught on this recording is the local weather and a nice ID.

91.9 HPON “Kids FM” Traralgon VIC

Much like the last one, this can be difficult to pick up due to Star FM from Bendigo taking this frequency, and coming in incredibly strong over a lot of Melbourne (it was effectively like a local station at my last location in Camberwell). Again, the permanent signal is weaker here, allowing the weaker Gippsland station to come over the top at times. This reception is very weak, and at the end of this recording you hear Star FM fade in over the top.

106.5 3MRR “ABC Upper Murray” Albury NSW

This one is quite common via troposcatter at times here, but today it was sitting at a nice steady if not strong level. 106.5 is probably the strongest and most common of the Albury stations here, with the commercials on 104.9 and 105.7 struggling more. Unfortunately, all that was heard here was Tony Delroy’s “Nightlife” which is heard all over Australia, so there’s nothing really unique to distinguish it.

PS – as (bad) luck would have it, just moments after I stopped this recording, I heard an MS ping on this exact frequency. I think it sounded like an Icehouse song, but with the burst of sound being so brief it was impossible to be sure. It could have been Mix 106.5 from Sydney, but again, I don’t know. Why oh why didn’t I keep recording for a bit longer?!

107.1 3JJJ Ballarat VIC

This one is permanent reception here, but tonight was particularly strong, nudging 3 bars on the Sony despite my antenna not even aiming at it, and the aforementioned block to the west courtesy of my roof. I posted this because I’ve noticed for some time that 107.1 doesn’t have the same fidelity of sound as most Triple J translators do – it sounds “muffled” if that makes sense. Up until now I haven’t been sure if it was just a poor signal doing that to me, but tonight’s reception has confirmed that it is.

Anyway, that’s it. Hope it was of some interest. Coming soon is a bandscan from my current location in Clayton – but with a difference. You’ll see